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Hello, cyberfriend! My name is Jaqueline and welcome to my travel blog! I'm a Design student from Brazil. I started recording videos for my YouTube channel and then I decided to create this blog to share my trips and alternative/artistic events I'll attend during these trips. I'm writting and sharing my letters, pictures and postal cards here, so subscribe for my newsletter, stay tuned and welcome to my Alternative Universe!

Started Feb/2020
Currently based in Brazil
Design Student and Artist
Open for Business Ideas
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Full Travel Project
Brazil Travels
All 6 Continents
Study Overseas (2020-2021 until 2025)

Online Journey

15th March, 2019
Jackie Black ♥

Step by step winning from my darkside, I decided to create another channel, but this time in English. Its a good tool to keep me inspired and share things I love with the challenge to speak in another language!

17th January, 2018
Started Scifigoth Art Channel

I always wanted to develop my art skills and inspired by everything I love in this life, I created my art channel named Scifigoth. It's still a work in progress.

27th October, 2016
First Vid on 4sphyxi4

Very shy but compromised with an Alternative Fashion Style project I was making, I posted my first video on my portuguese channel named 4sphyxi4.

02th March, 2020
Space Traveller Girl at Alternative Universe

I don't have any ideia if this blog is going to work or I'll be able to fulfill my projects but I decided to start this blog to registrate an old dream: travel the world! Also I hopefully expect to work with this. Let's see what's going to happen...

01th January, 2015
Started www.4sphyxi4.art.br

The official first blog in my native language and the first I probably took seriously. Actually it was an important tool in my personal development. For a girl who don't even dreamt in be some kind of a model, I started to enjoy the photoshoots.

First blog, probably.

I always loved to write, so I don't even thought twice when I saw it was possible to create a blog and write online. This love lasts until nowadays! I love writting and I love blogs! ♥

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I do worldwide events coverages, including reviews, pictures and videos. If you're interested, you can contact me and ask my media kit by e-mail.


Starting from simple texts to full publiposts with real pictures or professional photoshoots, let's talk!


With my honest oppinion, I can receive and record or write about your brand, product, services or others.


If you have some ideia involving collabs, send me an e-mail with all details. I love to work with creative people and artists.


If you interested in other forms of advertisements in my blog/website, feel free to send me your proposals.


Do you have something else in mind? Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail with all details. Let's talk! :)

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